I'm needy... and I need you to get to the point faster.

Today, Apple and IBM announced a big deal to bring iOS devices to "the enterprise" using IBM services and analytics. They will jointly create more than 100 apps for the iPhone and iPad, focusing on everything from security to device management, with IBM giving 100,000 personnel to the effort.

All of that information can be found in Apple and IBM Team Up to Push iOS in the Enterprise by Arik Hesseldahl on Re/Code. That's also pretty much the only substantive content in that 800 word article, and it was buried eight paragraphs deep. There's a bit more about the effects on the stock market, but not enough to be useful to anyone in the market. This is sad. I can condense this article, and many others, into two sentences of actual content, the rest is just fluff and bullshit. I can't wait for the day when we get back to real reporting and away from this airy page-view stuff.

A good example of getting right at to the core of a topic: What We Talk About When We Talk About Iraq and Syria from Caerus Associates.