Hammer.js for Angular.js

We've been doing a lot at work recently with touch-based interaction on the desktop. Our front-end products are all web apps built on Angular.js, and use Hammer.js to register touch-event handlers. We also noticed that using a non-Angularized library in an Angular context is a complete shit show.

We looked around for a lirary to wrap Hammer up for us and found angular-hammer from Monospaced. It worked okay for a while, but didn't update when Hammer.js v2 came out, which is a big improvement and something we wanted to incorporate.

So, I forked the original and made a few changes. It uses the same principle, providing a bunch of directives that map the directive values to handlers, but extends it to support both Angular Expressions and regular old scope-accessible functions. I also added support to define custom gesture recognizers using a JSON string. Check it out on GitHub...


...or you can install it using Bower.

$ bower install ryanmullins-angular-hammer